Everything You Need to Know About Clear Bra For Your Car

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Discover everything you need to know about Clear Bra for your car. Uncover the ultimate guide to protecting your vehicle’s paintwork with clarity and confidence.

In a world of rocks, road debris, bird droppings, bug splatter, UV rays, acid rain, and a host of other environmental contaminants, what’s a new car owner to do? The road fights against the look and quality of your car’s paint. How can you and your car fight back?

Paint protection film, also referred to as clear bra or PPF, is the most comprehensive form of automotive paint protection.

What is Clear Bra?

Clear Bra is a clear, self-healing urethane film approximately 8 mils in thickness.  When applied to painted surfaces of your vehicle it is nearly invisible! Only you will know it’s there.  A Clear Bra will provide a line of defense against road hazards. Good quality films when applied professionally will prevent rock chips, guard  against light scratches, chips, sap, bird droppings, salt & sand, etc. This proven technology has been available for almost 20 years. Recent advancements have established this product as simply the most comprehensive form of paint protection on the market today.

If you are looking for a way to keep your car looking better for longer, Paint Protection Film may be the end of your search.

How Does Clear Bra Work?

Paint protection film is just that. Protection for your paint.  It acts as a sacrificial layer. The clear bra will absorb all the hazards that come its’ way, protecting the paint beneath it. Should the film sustain any damage it can be replaced without any harm to your vehicles paint.

Why Should I Use Clear Bra on my Car?

I would recommend applying a Clear Bra to anyone desiring to keep their car looking like new . It Provides a heightened level of protection against scratches, road hazards, bug entrails, bird droppings, sap, salt & sand blasting. Another added benefit of Clear Bra is the value added, a vehicle that looks new will sell faster and offers more perceived value than a vehicle that looks old and worn.  Not only does it retain value but in the case of an accident, replacement cost is covered by most major insurance companies.  A true testament to the benefits of the product. And one of my favorite benefits is the self healing.  In the event of a scratch that hasn’t breached the material, special elastomeric polymers in the film cause the surface to “heal” in the sun or hot air.

For the ultimate in protection you may want to consider applying a layer of coating over the film to add hydrophobicity.  This will make your car much easier to clean and maintain.

How Is Clear Bra Applied?

Installing Clear Bra - Paint Protection Film

The Clear Bra installation process requires multiple steps. To begin all surfaces to be covered must be perfectly cleaned.  Including, washed, clayed, possibly compounded (only if needed) and blown out with air to remove even the smallest dirt particles that may be lodged in a crevice. Now that the surfaces has been prepped there are two ways to apply the film, using a bulk roll or computer cut patterns.  Each car has unique shapes making it desirable to use one method or the other in that particular case.  Also each installer has their own preference. Now we are ready to apply the film, using soapy water the film is laid across the area to be covered.  Soapy water allows the installer to stretch the film into the shape of the coverage area.  Once perfectly shaped it’s time to squeegee the film to a smooth finish. Next the excess film needs to be trimmed off, allowing just enough film to wrap it over the edge.  When finished, it is nearly invisible!

Don’t believe us? Click here to see our paint protection film and clear bra gallery.

Frequently Asked Clear Bra Questions

Paint Protection Film - Clear Bra

We talk to people about Clear Bra daily. Here are a few of the common questions we hear:

Can I Put Clear Bra on Myself?

At Top Edge Window Tinting, we do not recommend doing it yourself.  It takes a lot of time, training, practice and patience.  In many cases two people and a lift are required.

How Long Does Clear Bra Last?

This is an interesting question and I’m going to answer in two ways. The manufacturer’s warranty the film against failing, yellowing, cracking and other film defects for up to ten years. However installers will tell you it’s nearly impossible to remove the film after five years.  So although the film will still look great after five years if you think you may want to have it replaced in the future you may want to have it done at the five year mark.

What Brand of Clear Bra is Best?

There are three leading manufacturers of Paint protection films XPEL, SunTek, 3M and one up and comer named STEK.  Each one offers high performance protection. All three are clear and nearly invisible when professionally applied.  All three have a lifespan of seven years and beyond.  One notable difference is SunTek and STEK have a hydrophobic coating the others don’t.  Hydrophobic coatings make for easier cleaning and future maintenance.  *Hydrophobic coatings can be applied at anytime.

That said here are some highlights worth noting.  3M was the original developer of the film in collaboration with the US military.  XPEL has the most recognized name in the PPF world and was in first to offer a self- healing film.  SunTek, wholly owned by Eastman Chemical, arguably has greater clarity, higher gloss finish and is hydrophobic.

So how should you choose? Luckily you can’t choose wrong they are all great films.

First, what’s important to you in a manufacturer?

Do you want the biggest company that has been in the industry the longest and has the most resources at their disposal. That would be 3M. Do you want a company that has a more exclusive focus on Paint Protection Film and has gained an impeccable reputation in the industry. That would be XPEL. And then you have LLumar and SunTek that both have solid reputations in the whole automotive films industry and have developed some of the most recent technological advances in terms of their hydrophobic films.

Second, how important are hydrophobic properties to you?

Third, what does your installer recommend?


Again, the important thing is that you get a high quality film, as all of the above mentioned films are, and that you get the best installation possible. If you get those two things, then you will get what you’re really after, which is the peace of mind that comes from knowing your car has the best protection you’ll never see.  Ready to get protected? Click here to learn more about Clear Bra (paint protection film) on Long Island today!




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