Things To Consider When Buying Paint Protection Film

When it comes to researching and buying paint protection film, often referred to as “PPF”, to protect your car, there are many opinions out there.  Choices range from which brand of film, who to hire for the installation and what parts of your car to protect.

Choosing a Brand

There are many brands manufacturing paint protection film, however XPEL, 3M and SUNTEK have emerged as the premier products in the market place.  They each make high quality films, come with a warranty and are well established companies.   When compared visually, all paint protection films look amazing as it is difficult to see it at all. One difference is in the adhesives, some are more aggressive then another.  This only is a factor during installation as they all cure to the same strength.  Another difference is the extent of the pattern database.  Many shops like to pre-cut the film on a computer using the patterns supplied by the film manufacturer.  The greater the database, the better it is for the installer.  As I write this article, XPEL has the most extensive database of patterns.

Tips on Finding an Installation Center

Choosing a paint protection film installer is equally, if not more important than the film itself.  A poor installation will ruin the look and longevity of even the best of films.  If you already have a relationship with a particular shop, that’s great.  If not, here are some suggestions.

  1. Do some internet research to see who has good reviews.
  2. Visit the shop in person.
  3. Is the shop well kept?
  4. Are they able to answer your questions concisely?
  5. Are they established and plan to be there well into the future?
  6. Do they have any recent work they can show you? By now you should be getting an idea of your comfort level with that shop.

For more information, click here to read about our paint protection film service in Long Island, NY.

Best of luck with your PPF!




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